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Contact: Francisco Guerra Flogos It's not a bird. It's not a plane.
It's Flogos.
Phone: 256.229.5551

Advertising In The Clouds
Have you ever wondered what you would say if you could use the clouds to advertise?
Lexington, AL - April 9, 2008 - Introducing Flogos, short for flying and logos. Francisco Guerra, the inventor of Flogos says, "Flogos are a revolutionary way to market products, services and events".

Guerra, an Alabama inventor and owner of Flogos makes clouds into effective advertising of any shape with their SnowMasters manufactured cloud machine. Flogos has no limitations, it can be made in any
Flogos -Cloud Advertising


   Atlanta Braves tomahawk
shape, word, or logo. Flogos can be 24, 36 or 48 inches long. Flogos lasts for hours and can travel for miles

The clouds are environmentally friendly Totally Green!

"FLOGO FOAM is safe for air travel", says Guerra.

"They will fly for miles," Guerra said. "They are durable so they last a while. "The secret is our formulation and equipment. We're able to keep the cloud together for a long time." He said, the Flogo clouds can hover at various heights, depending on the amount of helium and oxygen mixed into the formula. "As a norm, they'll fly about 300 to 500 feet high," Guerra said. They can sail much higher or lower if needed, he stated.

Major League Baseball franchises and various Fortune 500 companies have expressed interest, as well as a presidential campaign. Cloud advertising is easy with Flogos, as demonstrated in their testing videos: Cloud Advertising

Flogos is a new product that can be licensed or the machine can be rented. The company has a product that makes  artificial snow for national theme parks. They have provided effects in motion pictures and for various events.

For more information about Flogos contact Francisco Guerra.
Phone: 256.229.5551,

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